MPP Solar PIP5048LV 5000w 48vdc 120v/208V/240V Split phase inverter 80A Dual MPPT charger - FREE SHIPPING!!!

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  • The LV5048 (5kw 48vdc) is one of the three models in our MPP Solar inverter family that can support “split phase” output for use in US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  Split phase system by definition consists of 2 x 120V hot wires (normally denoted as L1 and L2, each 120V with respect to neutral wire), 1 neutral wire, and a ground wire.  By using the two opposite-phase hot wires together one is able to create 240V between L1 and L2.


    LV5048, a max 5kw 48vdc inverter, by default is also 110V/120V output but offers a even more comprehensive support as it can be programmed into the following 3 output modes:

    Maximum parallel operation supported by LV5048 is up to 3 units, and possible configurations include: single phase, split phase and 3-phase applications.  Along with a built-in MPPT solar charger and large utility charger, these split phase LV models offer excellent versatility and flexibility to expand and is ideal for off-grid / grid optional use.

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    • Split Phase output possible (120V/240V), suitable for USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico markets
    • 5000w (5.0kw) 48VDC
    • LV5048 = supports 110V/120V single phase, 120V/240V split phase, and 208V split phase or 3-phase.
    • Stackable — supports parallel operation up to 3 units in single phase, split phase, and 3-phase.
    • 2X dual MPPT 80A max MPPT input, total 160A max
    • Pure sine wave output
    • 50Hz & 60Hz support
    • Programmable parameters
    • Max up to 60A utility charging
    • Adjustable bulk & float charging voltage
    • Support either grid or generator input
    • Genset starter dry contact
    • Overload and short circuit protection
    • FREE monitoring software
    • LCD Display + LED indicators
    • RS232/USB communication interface



    Using Generator as AC-Input


    • Generator size should be sized at least 150% larger than the inverter rating to reduce chances of overload.
    • Inverter-generator is recommended due to its cleaner output than conventional generators.  Unsuitable generator output may be rejected by the inverter.