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  • The 60X features a simple yet robust max 60A MPPT solar charge controller that supports charging for 12v, 24v and 48v battery systems. Embedded under the minimalistic design of the controller is a versatile programmable menus that can be accessed through the bundled software, MPPTracker.


    Through the RS232 software interface (RS232-USB adaptor may be used), users can adjust the main charging parameters including absorption voltage, floating voltage, absorption time, equalization voltage & time, and temperature compensation ratio.   A graphical representation of the unit charging is visible and data as well as event logs are stored on PC and can be exported as PDF.

    Similar to other MPPT controllers we offer, the 60X also has a large LCD display. Intelligent and highly efficient, the 60X works very well either on their own, or act as expansion controllers to handle any additional array you might have.  If you are already using our solar inverter charger (HS or MS series) with built-in solar chargers and are looking for additional controller to host extra panels, the 60X offers the best compatibility.  PCM60X now supports equalization charge up to 62V (based on 48v systems).

    *standard accessory includes BVS wire, user manual, and RJ45-RS232 data cable.  Optional BTS/RTS wire may be supplied separately upon request

  • Main features include:


    • NEW! Equalization charge (max up to 15.5V@12v up to 62V@48v)
    • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) capability
    • Max 60A charging current
    • Supports 12v, 24v and 48v battery systems
    • Max PV input 145V (open circuit)
    • Large LCD display
    • Free bundled monitoring and setting software, MPPTracker
    • Programmable via software
    • Peak efficiency up to 98%
    • Built-in battery voltage sensing (wire included)
    • Built-in charging temperature compensation (RTS wire optional)
    • Compatible with flooded type and mainstream VRLA lead acid batteries
    • CE certified