MPP Solar Hybrid LV 120/240v - Split Phase ready for USA, Canada & PR markets! - FREE SHIPPING!!!

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  • LV2424 is a max 2400w/24vdc inverter with 110/120V output and supports both 50Hz or 60Hz frequency.  By wiring at least 2 units of LV 2424 in parallel, the system can create “split phase” output obtaining 120v/240v, as illustrated below.


    Maximum parallel operation supported by LV2424 is up to 9 units, and possible configurations include: single phase, split phase and 3-phase applications.  Along with a built-in MPPT solar charger and large utility charger, these split phase LV models offer excellent versatility and flexibility to expand and is ideal for off-grid / grid optional use.


    • Split Phase output possible (120V/240V), suitable for USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico markets
    • US based support and warranty!
    • LV2424 = 110V/120V output (single unit).  *Requires minimum 2 units in parallel to create “split phase” (120V/240V)
    • Hybrid property allows excess PV power to feed back to grid (Please check with local authority for compliance prior to enabling this feature)
    • Stackable — supports parallel operation up to 9 units in single phase, split phase, and 3-phase.
    • Built-in 80A max MPPT input
    • Pure sine wave output
    • 50Hz & 60Hz support
    • Programmable parameters
    • Max up to 60A utility charging
    • Adjustable bulk & float charging voltage
    • Support either grid or generator input
    • Genset starter dry contact
    • Overload and short circuit protection
    • FREE monitoring software
    • LCD Display + LED indicators
    • RS232/USB communication interface