Flow-Rite Deionizer

Flow-Rite Deionizer

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Flow-Rite Deionized Water Supply HDL-DEIONIZER for Pro-Fill Kits

** This is a specialty item that is made to order. Expect a 2+ week lead time. **

Maximizes battery life by removing dissolved solids that are present in tap water and can lead to shortened battery life. Economical, the separate bed deionizer uses an ion exchange cartridge filled with non-toxic synthetic resins to remove impurities from you tap water before it enters the battery.

  • Red / Green water quality light lets you know when cartridges need to be replaced.
  • The low pressure bypass ensures that the deionizer will provide enough pressure and flow to operate your single point watering system, even it you for get to change out an old cartridge
  • Mounting bracket has built in hose storage bracket
  • 20 foot supply hose
  • Cartridges can be discarded when replacement is necessary

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