MPP Solar PIP2424LV-MSD/HS w/ 80a MPPT or 50a PWM - 2400w 24v ALL-IN-ONE Inverter - FREE SHIPPING!!!

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  • This special new 110v/120v Low Voltage series is designed with special focus to countries such as US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and other regions which use primarily 110V/120V load without the need for an external step-down transformer.  Please be careful this unit does NOT work with 220-240v load.

    All models in this series come with either MPPT or PWM solar charger and also offer free monitoring on PC which is bundled with purchase.  Stackable feature up to 6 units maximum is available only on 2424LV-HS and 2424LV-MSD, increasing max output capacity up to 2.4KW x 6 = 14.4KW.  Below is a simple diagram illustrating parallel setup, and parallel kit (sold separately) is also required on each inverter unit.

    • 110V / 120V adjustable output design for low voltage standard markets like USA, Canada
    • Stackable — supports parallel operation up to 6 units (only on 2424LV-HS, 2424LV-MSD)
    • Pure sine wave inverter with built–in max 50A PWM or max up to 80A MPPT solar controller
    • 50Hz & 60Hz support
    • Selectable AC input volt range based on load type
    • Programmable parameters
    • Max up to 60A utility charging
    • Adjustable bulk & float charging voltage
    • Support either grid or generator input
    • Genset starter dry contact
    • Overload and short circuit protection
    • Lightweight, easy to install
    • FREE monitoring software
    • LCD Display + LED indicators
    • RS232/USB communication interface